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Education – The Bitter Parts Unveiled

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There is a reason why access to quality and affordable primary education is a goal that most countries of the world strive towards. Some countries even go further to provide education up to the university level, with a student not having to pay even a single cent. This goes to show just how important education is to humanity, because a wise man once said that, ‘education replaces an empty mind with an open mind’.

Regardless of how important we know education is, we always looked for excuses to miss classes or opt to spend time doing other activities that were not directly related to our grades, such as taking a nap while the teacher was trying to drive the point home.

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From the early ages, most of us who got a good education always lived the best lives, and the opposite is mostly true.

Education has clearly changed the world, and through it, the early scholars and their students brought about a way of life that today humanity has perfected. Back to the bitter roots, many people have bad memories that if they had known that that day would come; given a choice they would not have gone to school at all, here is to refresh your memory:

  • First day of school

Everyone remembers their first day at school because it is always a weapon their parents can pull out of their expansive bag, especially when you have company visiting at your house. The first day of school is perhaps most remembered, not for the moment you entered the school but the moment you discovered that your parents were leaving after you had been assigned a class; this is where all hell broke loose, epitomized by tears, tantrums, and shock.

Psychologists attribute this to the dependency the child had become accustomed to from the parents and the new environment of school, perhaps it is an ironic foreshadow of a place meant to give you a future.

  • When exams start meaning something

Another bitter root reveals itself when your parents ask how you performed in school and for the first time you understood the repercussions that would come with the answer. Most people utter the words “I hate school” on that day and actually mean it. Most people do not start feeling the effect of education until their performance in examinations is examined, pardon the pun. Hard work and serious studying under your parents’ supervision and even more contempt for education slowly replace this worry.

  • Did you make it to college?

When your college years finally arrive, the matter of education and its importance has been drilled into your head and you have come to see just how important it is. You have been molded from the first day of school to discover what your passion is for, and what you would eventually want to become. The college question comes in and more weight is put on which colleges accepted your applications. To some degree, the caliber of college largely determines how your future might turn out, but history shows how simple resolve and determination can take you from a community college dropout to a CEO of a multinational cooperation such as Apple.

Sábado césped UAB

  • Are you done with your dissertation?

If you finally get to this level of education, you probably had no problem with the books, you probably had it easy until you met someone with the qualifications you are looking for and they became a mentor and a challenger. Dissertations are mostly a reserve for PhD students who are given these assignments as part of their course. They are expected to write about new subjects, solutions to certain problems or any other that their professor might need done. This challenge might be even harder when you have no time or limited time, thank God, there are elite academics who can do it for you, or check how accurate your work is!


Jay is a frequent blogger, an educationist, and he advocates for the use of dissertation services. He loves language as well as literature and is in the process of releasing some of his poetry work in a memoir.

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