We can blog right!

(Photo Credits: Mike Licht)

There are many blogs out there and while some attract a lot of traffic, there are those that people will not bother to read. As a blogger, you need people to read what you have written otherwise you are wasting your time and you might as well confine your writing to your personal journal at home. There are reasons why people will read some blogs and not others. By following a few simple tips, you can make sure that your blog attracts the traffic you want.

  1. Be clear and concise

Before you start writing, you need to be clear about what you want to say. Do not write just for the sake of writing. If you do not have something to say, do not put it down into writing! Organize your thoughts before you start writing so that your message can come across with clarity. Come up with a list of points you want to make, and find the best way to arrange the points so that your message is clear.

  1. Think about the reader

When you write, you should always think about the readers and the impression they will get from your communication. You need to realize that the reader wants to learn something from your blog and you should avoid trying too hard to impress the reader. You want the reader to enjoy the content and you do not have to try too hard to sound clever. Someone who comes across as arrogant or patronizing impresses no one.

  1. Use simple language

You should make it easy for your readers to understand the content by using simple language. Long words and technical language have no place in a blog unless you are trying to reach a small target group. People will not read the content if they have to keep trying to figure out what some words mean. Trying to appear smarter than everyone else will not endear you to readers. Use short sentences and paragraphs to allow for easy reading.

  1. Proofread your writing

It can be quite annoying trying to read a poorly written article. Check your writing to make sure that you have not made any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Reading your blog will help you to avoid mistakes that can even lead to miscommunication.

  1. Writing style

The best way to write a blog is to use a conversational style. Make your readers feel as if you are communicating directly to them. Formal language will make the readers feel as if you are too distant to them and they will not relate to your content.

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