Video game writing is an exciting and intriguing part of the industry. Whether you’re making a simple online game or the most anticipated console game of the year, it gives you the chance to express yourself creatively. Everyone has to start somewhere though, and like in any industry, it starts at the bottom.

Know Your Place

It doesn’t matter if you’re the head writer or a lackey to the head writer you have to know your place. You are just the writer. You’re working as part of a team. Check your ego at the door. You might think you’re the most talented writer in the world, but everyone is expendable. You aren’t the sort of person who can waltz in and throw your weight around.

If you develop a reputation as being difficult to work with, you’ll never be able to get another job.

Play Games

Some people say it’s unnecessary to play games to write for games. This is completely and totally wrong. To write for any format, you have to understand the unique demands placed upon you by that format. A video game isn’t a film or a novel. It’s not a play or an advert. It’s a video game.

Play games and you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t. Get a decent sample of content and the ideas that flow out of your head won’t all be terrible.

It also helps if you have a passion for games. Passion is the driving force when times get tough. This passion will show in your work and lead to a higher quality story at the end of the process.

Watch People Play The Games

Of course, actually playing the game is an important part of the process, but whilst we’re playing we tend to miss the little things. Things like storytelling and dialogue are lost in the body counts and the epic gameplay.

Instead, play as a writer. Watch someone else play the game. An easy way to do this is to watch a ‘Let’s Play’ video on YouTube. In these videos, other gamers will play through the game with you. They’ll commentate during the gameplay, but they’ll let you watch all the cutscenes and character interactions.

Just Do It

There are only so many things you can do to prepare for games writing. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to get going. If you’re in university, look and see if the IT department is practicing making games. See if you can get some work as a writer. Seek out indie games projects online, as well.

Your first few attempts will be terrible. They’ll be for games which never sell a copy. Games studios want to see you can write for a game, though. It’s more than the quality of the writing. It’s getting habits in place for when you go to work. Employers want to see discipline as well as quality.

You shouldn’t feel bad if you write something which sucks. Every writer has to start somewhere. Your writing will get better as you get used to it.

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