Since a plethora of writing services is provided, I wouldn’t be able to give an accurate standardized rate for all types of writing assignments here. However, I assure you that my rates are pretty affordable so please email me at to let me know what kind of writing you need me to do and I will be able to give you an exact quote. Just to assure you I won’t bite, most articles that I write will not even exceed 10 bucks, my friend!

Also, payment is only made after I deliver the articles to you. There is the exception that if you are ordering a big bulk order, I will require 50% deposit prior to the commencement of writing and 50% after I deliver the articles to you. Remember, all my writing services come with a money back guarantee, this is to say that if you don’t like my work and can name me good reasons for your dislike, I will gladly not take a single cent for the writing I have done for you!


  • Through Paypal only or use the payment button at the bottom of this page
  • Pay me after I have delivered the articles
  • For larger bulk orders, I do need a 50% deposit first (For repeated orders, no advance is needed)


Paypal Payment Button For Regular Clients:

The payment button below is only for regular clients. As some of you might want to pay with your debit card or credit card directly, I have created this button for you to make easy payment.

Please choose an option that exceeds an amount I have invoiced you for.

For example, if the invoice is $28.90, please choose $30 and I will forward the excess payment you have made to the next invoice. This means that in this example, $1.10 will be deducted from your next invoice.

Note that this button is solely for recurring clients.

For new clients, if you pay with this button, you will only get back your excess payment if you order a second round.

Payment Options by Credit Card