A note from Chad…

Seeking Genuine Content Buyers Who Value Quality At Affordable Rates

Yes, it is a little unconventional to seek content buyers instead of saying that I am offering my writing services. Though they mean the same, it is extremely important for me to partner a genuine content buyer because I deliver real quality and it always make my day when clients see the value of my writing. But rest assured that my rates are totally affordable. When I say affordable, I mean it, most native speakers would charge you $20 to $50 for a 500-word article, I am more affordable than them yet I don’t compromise on quality.

What I can offer is quality writing which is unique and well-crafted. I also take special care to ensure that my writing is error free, entertaining and has a natural flow. I aim to please by delivering quality content with eclectic writing styles and works with a strict adherence to deadlines. You will find it easy to work with me as I am rather good at understanding directions. Remember, I am able to commit daily hours to this as I’m not just a random freelancer; this is my bread and butter.

In addition, I am offering something akin to a money-back guarantee which means that I will gladly not take a single cent from you if you don’t like my work and can name me good reasons for it. I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the best content buyers online who appreciate my work and pay promptly in recognition of that. Thus, if you are seeking a writer who can handle your articles with utmost care and attention, I am your man for all seasons.

If you HATE to read the long stuff, read below for those of you who like it short and sweet.

Why you should hire me:

  • Why shouldn’t you when I am so confident of my work that I am even giving you a MONEY-BACK guarantee?
  • I don’t just aim to deliver work and get paid. I WANT you to walk away feeling your money is damn WELL-SPENT on the content you need
  • You get SEO-worthy articles
  • I care just as much about the readers as I care about the bots
  • My articles are not just a bunch of useless words – they are TOOLS to improve your ROI
  • You get articles that have passed Copyscape
  • I can handle a wide variety of niches
  • My rates are definitely AFFORDABLE
  • … and I think I am a GREAT guy to work with!

Writing services:

  • SEO articles
  • Article rewriting
  • Guest posting
  • Web content
  • Copywriting
  • Blog posts
  • Product reviews
  • Sales letters
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Press releases