Awesome Chad, that was wonderful of you!

I read through a large majority of all three, they sound and look great! I couldn’t be more pleased! (Sorry for all of the exclamation points, I’m just fired up! Haha!)
Really, the articles were structured very nicely, and I love what you did with all of the research and ideas – it’s perfect for this project!


Hi Chad,

After reviewing each article you wrote, I’m impressed! I like how you mixed up formal and conversational in your articles. I also like the keyword density and flow of your articles. Job well done!


Originally Posted by Ed

I’ve had nothing but excellent work from Chad. Out of all writers I’ve hired, he’s the most professional and produces quality articles at reasonable price.


Thanks Chad, I asked for 2 product articles and got 2 quality history lessons that will sell ice to Eskimos.
I cannot recommend Chad any higher, he delivers quality at a very reasonable price.


Thanks Chad – To be honest, I think you did more than expected. You really rewrote the articles! The writing was solid. I think you could have skated by rewriting bits here and there given the tight deadline.  Food for thought.

I really, sincerely appreciate the hard work and fast turn around.

Brian B

Thanks Chad Great Job!! I’m impressed, with your rates I am expecting to do some editing but they are literally perfect! These travel articles are basically the best articles I have gotten from any writers! Keep your schedule free for me I am certainly hiring you again!


Hi Chad,

Many thanks for the articles, I have received them all.

Thanks a million of those extremely well written product reviews and the niche articles.

It is such a joy working with you.

You have a great day.


…..Now that I’m back home I just read it and it is wonderful! I buy a good number of articles from writers on various sites and I can honestly say that you are the best one that I have come across…


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I was the email quote that chad used in his original post. I ordered a 500 word article from him and received it quicker than I was expecting. The quality of it is perfect, literally no spelling or grammatical errors. Whenever I purchase an article online from writers I expect at least one or two errors that I will need to correct. I didn’t think that I would ever have a perfect article, but chad really came through for me. I’ll be using him in the future for more articles. Thanks again chad!


I just received two articles from Chad and they are both of excellent quality, exactly what I was after. I will definitely be using him again and I would recommend his writing service to anyone.