Oh well, freelance writing. The poor man’s cross to bear… right up until you can get enough high paying clients to bear a middle class man’s cross. The cross? Pounding out ‘riveting’ prose on topics that would put anyone not interested in that specific topic not just to sleep, but into a mind numbing coma. When does the madness end? Hmmm.

The writer sets the style… not the other way around

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Freelancers trying to eke out a living with whatever their clients need at any given moment can at least benefit from all of the mindless text. How? Well one thing is bound to happen for certain. A writing style slowly but surely develops. It’s not that no writing style at all previously existed. It’s just that with all of the assembly line articles going out, practice tends to move the writer more toward perfection (or some reasonable facsimile thereof).

When your style manages to show through on the most mundane articles, you know you’ve truly developed one (a style). The next thing you may develop is a preference for the type of mundane articles you compose. Some folks really enjoy the researching end of their profession. Some have prior knowledge in helpful areas such as the medical field. Yet others like the composition of technical reports or the freedom of blogs. These are niches. Once you find your niche, you can really take off.

Which niche is your niche?

Have you considered these?

    • The ever popular reporter: This can actually lead to finding a function within a niche. Few writers do vague, all inclusive reporting. The opportunities here are virtually limitless. Remember, you are reporting… online through your words.


  • Instructional writing: Pamphlets, sheets, books and all those other wonderful ‘how to …’ guides that come in practically everything you purchase. How are your drawing skills? Frequently pictures are required for instruction, but you can also source for online images such as those with Creative Commons licenses.
  • Documents such as handbooks for employees: Find a small business that doesn’t have the time it takes in order to bang out a handbook that actually makes sense. If you speak another language, you can really cash in with foreign countries that need handbooks, inter-office forms and packages for employment in English. Translating is a niche within itself.
  • Cover letters and resumes: Jobs are scarce… how’s your resume? This type of service can be offered online and can be extremely profitable.
  • The writing of grants: Here’s where those technically minded individuals that love research cash in. Be sure to bill for all the time you spend on this. All of it!