Power Writing Guide: Write Academic Papers in Half the Time with ChatGPT and AI Tools as Copilots
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Say goodbye to the anxiety of tight deadlines and writer's block. With our Step by Step Guide, you'll learn how to use ChatGPT and AI-Tools as a Copilot to streamline your writing process, boost your research, and produce top-notch papers in record time - without having to fear plagiarism.

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Save 50+ hours with our proven and tested techniques

In This Guide You'll Learn

How to Become an Expert in Writing Prompts with ChatGPT

A simple Prompt Hack to Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT

A Step by Step Technique to Develop a Strong Research Question with ChatGPT

A Step by Step Technique to Create a well Structured Outline with ChatGPT, that will make your paper make your paper easy to follow

A Step by Step Technique to Write a Compelling introduction with ChatGPT, that will capture your reader’s attention and set the stage for your paper

How to use AI Tools for proofreading, editing, and improving your writing

How to Eliminate the risk of Plagiarism with a foolproof 3-step formula

How to use AI to easily understand complex concepts and jargon in papers

How to use AI to Organize all your Research in one place and create connections between different sources

How to use AI to save time by summarizing papers in seconds

How to Strengthen your arguments by finding Supporting and Contrasting Publications with the help of AI.

The ChatGPT Formula to paraphrase and combine different sources in form of indirect citation without the fear of Plagiarism

A Step by Step Formula to create clear and precise topic and conclusion sentences for your paragraphs

How to use Prompts to check if your paper is logical, free from contradictions, answers your research question and does not lack evidence

The Best Prompts to improve your writing with ChatGPT

All of these lessons come with practical examples

All of these prompts have been tested and refined

You will be guided through every step of your writing process

Why use our guide?


Each page is jam-packed with practical examples and step-by-step guidance to help you apply the concepts directly into your academic writing process.

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Our 3 Step Approach


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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: embrace the AI revolution and use its tools to your advantage. Don’t be left behind with outdated research and writing methods. Our Power Writing Guide compiles the latest techniques and tools to help you streamline your academic paper writing process and save valuable time.

We take academic integrity very seriously. We ensure that you don’t have to worry about plagiarism or unethical practices when using ChatGPT and other AI-Tools as your writing copilots.

Join the hundreds of students and researchers who have already benefited from our approach.

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Master of Science, Engineering and Management

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Master of Business Administration

Meet the Authors

As former undergrads, we– the authors– remember the struggles of writing academic papers all too well. We’ve devoted our time to helping students and researchers use ChatGPT and AI Tools to write their academic papers in record time. In four months time, we’ve helped hundreds of students and researchers worldwide pass with flying colors. We decided to put everything we know in this step by step guide.

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