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The Power Writing Guide will teach you:

How to Become an Expert in Writing Prompts with ChatGPT

A Step-by-Step Technique to Develop a Strong Research Question with ChatGPT

A Step-by-Step Technique to Create a Well Structured Outline with ChatGPT

A Step-by-Step Technique to Write a Compelling Introduction with ChatGPT

The Formula to Speed up Your Writing Process Without Plagiarism

All AI Tools You Need to Finish Your Research in Half the Time

How to Use ChatGPT to Check If Your Paper Is Logical, Free from Contradictions and Does Not Lack Evidence

29 reviews for The Power Writing Guide
  • Zhen 4. May 2023

    I used this for my final paper in my masters degree to speed up the process, Thanks!
    Greetings from China 🙂

  • Julia 4. May 2023

    Soooo many AI-Tools that just save time. No more Google Scholar haha

  • Sam 4. May 2023

    Everyone who goes to university should have it!

  • Adam 4. May 2023

    This guide is amazing! It has helped me to write better papers, faster. The AI tools are easy to use and the prompts are really helpful. I highly recommend it.

  • Luisa 4. May 2023

    As a non-native speaker, I found the Power Writing Guide really helpful in improving my writing skills. The AI tools and step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and have made my writing more coherent and concise. Can reccomend!

  • Max & Ana 3. May 2023

    Cool work. Excited to read more of writinglab in the future.

  • Maria 3. May 2023

    The “Power Writing Guide” has fundamentally changed the way I approach academic writing. This guide has turned out to be a priceless tool for me as someone who frequently struggles with looming deadlines and the dreaded writer’s block. The integration of ChatGPT and AI tools as copilots has been a revelation, and its step-by-step instructions provide clear advice that is exceedingly simple to follow. Thy guys!

  • Leo 3. May 2023

    The guide was really well written. Prompt was highlighted so that you can easily find and use them BUT the illustrations were a bit too much. Still one of the best guides out there and I’VE read many of them! Def recommend!

  • Olivia 3. May 2023

    This guide is a total lifesaver for students struggling with writer’s block and crazy deadlines! It’s like having a personal AI assistant by your side. Give it a try!

  • Yasin 3. May 2023

    first i was a bit skeptical, but after I have worked my way through the guide my output was 10x. LITERALLY! GAMECHANGER!

  • Justin 4. April 2023

    I like it because it is a mix between automating a lot but also putting the work in. I think this is better than just bluntly copying output with weak sources and getting flagged for plagiarism.

  • Eduard 4. April 2023

    Needed this for a school project. I think it is valuable to speed things up!

  • Yohannes 30. March 2023

    Why spend countless hours to do work that can be DONE by AI?
    Why google for hours to understand a certain topic?
    Well, I was that guy before getting that ebook, which was recommended by a friend of mine.

    Guys, you killed that. Im not lying when I say thats the best value for the money in the game right now!!!!!

    Appreciate y’all.

  • Emelia 30. March 2023

    Working with the guide saved me a lot of headaches and coffees, thanks haha 🙂

  • Theodor 30. March 2023

    Invest in the Power Writing Guide to gain valuable insights and practical tips on using AI tools to write high-quality academic papers in less time! I was amazed by the guide, guys! Gonna share it with my friends.

  • Gabriela 28. March 2023

    Very detailled, very nice written, nice pictures. Cool!

  • Phil 28. March 2023

    at first I was skeptical but I came to the conclusion, while working with the ebook and the provided prompts, that this is a game changer.!!!1

  • Thomas 28. March 2023

    Super nice, thanks guys!

  • Tommy 27. March 2023

    I really liked it and my professor didn‘t notice it, since i followed the book‘s advices.

  • Gabriela 27. March 2023

    The book really helped me, i got a good grade.

  • Nina 27. March 2023

    a really great guide which was easy to read and to follow. I’ve learnt so much and the explained tools are a jam!!

  • Lena 26. March 2023

    The Power Writing Guide is an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their academic writing skills with the help of AI tools. super nice!

  • daniel 25. March 2023

    I was VERY skeptical at first but after working with the ebook and the provided guides and to-dos, I’ve realized that I was approaching research and academic writing totally wrong. Thank you guys, your work is great. Def. recommend!

  • Ahmet 25. March 2023

    It is crazy that no one is talking about all these AI Tools when writing a paper. I feel like Colleges do not want you to know.
    At the end of the day using these tools and prompts made my life easier!

  • Micheal 25. March 2023

    Excellent guide with nice illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions!!!

  • Emely Uerba 24. March 2023

    I think the guide was useful, I liked the content, and it saved me time especially during the research phase of my paper. I major in engineering and at times I find it difficult to find literature for my research questions so it helped!

  • Marc 24. March 2023

    I was skeptical at first, but The Power Writing Guide really helped me improve my writing skills. The step-by-step techniques are easy to follow, and the AI tools provided are a game-changer.

  • Aman 24. March 2023

    Very informative and well-structured eBook with a detailled guideline on how to utilize all the stated AI Tools. Would highly reccomend!

  • Brian 24. March 2023

    I love that the Guide is teaching you how to use all these Tools and ChatGPT as a copilot. The prompts are great and very detailed. Soon closing down the first half of my thesis. Wish me luck!

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