The Power Writing Guide (E-Book)
61 reviews
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  Write Papers and Essays in Half the Time with AI as Your Copilot

  Learn How to Use the 10 Best AI Tools for Research, Understanding Complex concepts, Writing, and much more

  Master AI’s potential while avoiding plagiarism, yet saving time effectively

  Copy & Paste over 100+ Proven ChatGPT Prompts

  64 Pages Step-by-Step Guide with Live Examples

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Write Academic Papers in Half the Time with ChatGPT and AI


Writers Block

Tight Deadlines


Ineffective Research

Lack of Structure


The Power Writing Guide will teach you:

How to Use AI to Easily Understand Complex Concepts and Jargon in Papers

A Step-by-Step Technique to Develop a Strong Research Question with ChatGPT

A Step-by-Step Technique to Create a Well Structured Outline with ChatGPT

A Step-by-Step Technique to Write a Compelling Introduction with ChatGPT

How to Use AI to Save Time by Summarizing Papers in Seconds

How to Use AI to Organize All Your Research in One Place and Create Connections Between Different Sources

How to Use ChatGPT to Check If Your Paper Is Logical, Free from Contradictions and Does Not Lack Evidence

 How to use AI Tools for proofreading, editing, and improving your writing

61 reviews for The Power Writing Guide (E-Book)
  • Adaya 28. January 2024

    i was very skeptical at first what the ” no plagiarsm” claim was but hey… I have never looked at ChatGPT being your Copilot that way.

    Its purely a gamechanger – you will have to use it and not let it write for you, thats the small difference. You are an active part in the writing process and not the “robot” – thanks guysssss

  • Olivia V. 28. January 2024

    simple. affordable. best prompts on the internet. get it or struggle trying…

  • Berfin 28. January 2024

    I tried so often to get good results of ChatGPT but it kinda never really worked until I came across this ebook guide. Its simple a gamechanger. I learned so many things, new prompts, new angles on how to use chatgpt for writing etc.

    Im half way thru and it amazes me every day.

  • Martina 28. January 2024

    Im working as an AI Consultant for smaller businesses and bought this ebook of curiosity – Im suprised on how well written this guide is. Extremely well researched and simply well structured for an easy read. Thanks guys!!!

  • Christopher 28. January 2024

    a very cool read and it really has insane value for the price imo – but the designs of the pictures were mid therefore 4/5

  • Patrick 28. January 2024

    Good ebook!

  • Yu 25. January 2024

    I am all about productivity and not wasting unnecessary time, when it can be done faster.
    I would recommend this e-book to everyone who is writing in an academic setting.
    Likewise, I really do appreciate it!

  • Ricardo 25. January 2024

    If my professor used this, I think there would be benefit to the class.
    Especially when it comes to the new research methods and libraries.
    They really help to speed things up when it comes to connecting dots!

  • Mohammad 25. January 2024

    You guys killed it! Enjoying so far 😉

  • Julia 25. January 2024

    A lot of insights. Thanks!

  • Amanda 14. January 2024

    I can definitely recommend.

  • Oliver 14. January 2024

    Been using this guide for a couple of weeks now and I must say the tools in this ebook are free and really good copilots to write better and also find good resources and connect them! 5 Stars from me.

  • Abdul 14. January 2024

    Interesting topics, I always look for ways to increase my efficiency when writing. Thanks.

  • Laura 14. January 2024

    Great book!

  • Burak 13. January 2024

    Thank you guys, will hand in my paper soon. I did not read everything yet so I am only giving 4 Stars 😉

  • Alejandro 13. January 2024

    This info is literally better then any literature review course + FASTER and I am way more productive using these techniques.

  • Jenner 13. January 2024

    The AI Tool in the ebook that shows you how to structure all your sources in one place is great and the library has over 2 million publications. I liked that the book explained with examples very easily how to use it. I do not know why the tools in here are gatekeeped by universities lol. Thanks guys!!
    Greetings from the US.

  • Lula 9. January 2024

    Must have for every undergrad!

  • Renfer 9. January 2024

    Wow, I really did not think I could use this for my academic research but this is actually high level when it comes to teaching you how to use the right research tools that are AI driven. Also gives you startegies on how to do it way faster. Thanks!

  • Jana 9. January 2024

    2 weeks to go for my finals. Came at the right time!

  • Betel 9. January 2024

    Good content!

  • Renata 9. January 2024

    This ebook provided practical insights into paper structuring and leveraging AI for research. Definitely a worthwhile investment

  • Ximena 9. January 2024

    The coherence and evidence prompts were surprisingly helpful. Highly suggest giving this a read.

  • Thung Thanh 9. January 2024

    A resourceful companion for writers. Best e-book so far on the topic.

  • Leander 9. January 2024

    Found the AI-based plagiarism tips and summarization techniques quite handy. A valuable resource for anyone into writing.

  • Alejandro 9. January 2024

    The AI-driven summarization and coherence checks are quite nifty. An engaging resource for writers seeking efficiency. And btw, nice layout and cool artworks!!!

  • Marques 9. January 2024

    Cover looks a bit weird for my taste but nevertheless strengthened arguments and plagiarism prevention were impressive!!

  • Ada Öztürk 9. January 2024

    Structured outlines and AI tools were a pleasant surprise. An insightful guide for refining writing craft! Thanks guys.

  • Thalia 9. January 2024

    The clear topic sentences and AI research tools offer a fresh perspective. A worthy addition to any writer’s toolkit. Would recommend to anybody who’s struggling with academic writing!

  • Emre 7. January 2024

    What stood out to me the most in this book is the focus on keeping humanity central to AI advancement. The autor shows the significance of employing AI in a responsible and ethical manner, offering practical tips to achieve that. 5/5!

  • Danielle 7. January 2024

    This guide is truly fantastic! It’s written in a simple yet engaging way, and the visualizations throughout the book are absolutely stunning.

  • Julian 7. January 2024

    a very easy read and nicely structured prompt guide

  • Zhen 4. May 2023

    I used this for my final paper in my masters degree to speed up the process, Thanks!
    Greetings from China 🙂

  • Julia 4. May 2023

    Soooo many AI-Tools that just save time. No more Google Scholar haha

  • Sam 4. May 2023

    Everyone who goes to university should have it!

  • Adam 4. May 2023

    This guide is amazing! It has helped me to write better papers, faster. The AI tools are easy to use and the prompts are really helpful. I highly recommend it.

  • Luisa 4. May 2023

    As a non-native speaker, I found the Power Writing Guide really helpful in improving my writing skills. The AI tools and step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and have made my writing more coherent and concise. Can reccomend!

  • Max & Ana 3. May 2023

    Cool work. Excited to read more of writinglab in the future.

  • Maria 3. May 2023

    The “Power Writing Guide” has fundamentally changed the way I approach academic writing. This guide has turned out to be a priceless tool for me as someone who frequently struggles with looming deadlines and the dreaded writer’s block. The integration of ChatGPT and AI tools as copilots has been a revelation, and its step-by-step instructions provide clear advice that is exceedingly simple to follow. Thy guys!

  • Leo 3. May 2023

    The guide was really well written. Prompt was highlighted so that you can easily find and use them BUT the illustrations were a bit too much. Still one of the best guides out there and I’VE read many of them! Def recommend!

  • Olivia 3. May 2023

    This guide is a total lifesaver for students struggling with writer’s block and crazy deadlines! It’s like having a personal AI assistant by your side. Give it a try!

  • Yasin 3. May 2023

    first i was a bit skeptical, but after I have worked my way through the guide my output was 10x. LITERALLY! GAMECHANGER!

  • Justin 4. April 2023

    I like it because it is a mix between automating a lot but also putting the work in. I think this is better than just bluntly copying output with weak sources and getting flagged for plagiarism.

  • Eduard 4. April 2023

    Needed this for a school project. I think it is valuable to speed things up!

  • Yohannes 30. March 2023

    Why spend countless hours to do work that can be DONE by AI?
    Why google for hours to understand a certain topic?
    Well, I was that guy before getting that ebook, which was recommended by a friend of mine.

    Guys, you killed that. Im not lying when I say thats the best value for the money in the game right now!!!!!

    Appreciate y’all.

  • Emelia 30. March 2023

    Working with the guide saved me a lot of headaches and coffees, thanks haha 🙂

  • Theodor 30. March 2023

    Invest in the Power Writing Guide to gain valuable insights and practical tips on using AI tools to write high-quality academic papers in less time! I was amazed by the guide, guys! Gonna share it with my friends.

  • Gabriela 28. March 2023

    Very detailled, very nice written, nice pictures. Cool!

  • Phil 28. March 2023

    at first I was skeptical but I came to the conclusion, while working with the ebook and the provided prompts, that this is a game changer.!!!1

  • Thomas 28. March 2023

    Super nice, thanks guys!

  • Tommy 27. March 2023

    I really liked it and my professor didn‘t notice it, since i followed the book‘s advices.

  • Gabriela 27. March 2023

    The book really helped me, i got a good grade.

  • Nina 27. March 2023

    a really great guide which was easy to read and to follow. I’ve learnt so much and the explained tools are a jam!!

  • Lena 26. March 2023

    The Power Writing Guide is an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their academic writing skills with the help of AI tools. super nice!

  • daniel 25. March 2023

    I was VERY skeptical at first but after working with the ebook and the provided guides and to-dos, I’ve realized that I was approaching research and academic writing totally wrong. Thank you guys, your work is great. Def. recommend!

  • Ahmet 25. March 2023

    It is crazy that no one is talking about all these AI Tools when writing a paper. I feel like Colleges do not want you to know.
    At the end of the day using these tools and prompts made my life easier!

  • Micheal 25. March 2023

    Excellent guide with nice illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions!!!

  • Emely Uerba 24. March 2023

    I think the guide was useful, I liked the content, and it saved me time especially during the research phase of my paper. I major in engineering and at times I find it difficult to find literature for my research questions so it helped!

  • Marc 24. March 2023

    I was skeptical at first, but The Power Writing Guide really helped me improve my writing skills. The step-by-step techniques are easy to follow, and the AI tools provided are a game-changer.

  • Aman 24. March 2023

    Very informative and well-structured eBook with a detailled guideline on how to utilize all the stated AI Tools. Would highly reccomend!

  • Brian 24. March 2023

    I love that the Guide is teaching you how to use all these Tools and ChatGPT as a copilot. The prompts are great and very detailed. Soon closing down the first half of my thesis. Wish me luck!

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